Middle & High School - Getting Started

Kind Campus is thoughtfully arranged and organized to provide a structured method for teaching kindness skills and other pro-social and social-emotional skills. Kind Campus materials are designed for teachers, counselors, and staff to adapt the materials so they fit best with individual school and classroom cultures. We acknowledge that Kind Campus will be used in a wide range of diverse contexts and social locations, and therefore our materials were created to be used as a jumping-off point but will be modified to reach the target population. Many schools have designed or invented their own kindness activities!

Start by looking over the Program TenetsHow-To Guide, and other introductory materials below. Use the Monthly Chart as a helpful map or overview of topics to be visited each month. Beginning with Month 1, move through the program with the Monthly Guides organized by month under Elementary or Middle & High School.

Welcome Letter

Program Tenets

How-To Guide

Tips and Tools for Developing a Mindfulness Practice for Teachers

Monthly Chart - Middle & High School

Creating a "be kind" Code

DIY Kick-off Assembly

Tips from Teachers and Educators for Using Kind Campus

Letter to Parents from School Administrators

If you know of a school or individual that might be interested, please direct them to register with Ben's Bells to receive access to materials. This helps us keep track of how many schools and students are benefiting from the Kind Campus Program - thank you!